Process Servers in Brisbane

Process Serving is a vital component of matters going before the Courts. Courts are being asked to make substantial and costly decisions about claims and applications of parties in many types of matters every week.

Where a Court is to make a Judgment, Decision or enter Orders, it must be satisfied that the parties involved in the matters before them are fully aware of the matters and have received a copy of all relevant materials, in a timely manner ensuring the respondents or defendants have been afforded sufficient time to respond to the matters.

This is where the process server comes into the process. Following various aspects of legislation, the process server must reasonably bring the materials to the attention of the party/s and adequately prepare material for the Court, so as the Court can be satisfied the party/s received the documents.

Failure to correctly serve a party to a matter, within the allowed time frame, will without doubt frustrate the progress of the matter and in worse case situation see the matter dismissed potentially at unrecoverable cost.

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